[sic] issue one

Sarah Beck

Sarah Beck resides in New York City and attends City College's graduate writing program. Kongossa was the 2006 co-winner of the City College English Department's Adria Schwartz Award for women's fiction.

Elizabeth Bethea

Elizabeth Bethea is an artist and writer who lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Look out for the upcoming winter 2006 issue of Bethea Comics (contact: elizabethbethea@yahoo.com).

Aidan Byrne

Aidan Byrne grew up in Braintree, Massachusetts. He now lives in New York City with his fiancée, Allison. He is a graduate of Fordham University. This is his first publication.

Gregory Crosby

Gregory Crosby spent his formative years in Las Vegas as an art critic and journalist. His poems have appeared in numerous journals including The South Carolina Review and Stirring. He is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing at the City College of New York, where he recently won the Marie Ponsot Poetry Prize.

James P Dawson

James P Dawson attended the University of Charlotte and is currently pursuing his MFA while teaching at City College. He lives in Manhattan.

Jill Di Donato

Jill Di Donato holds an MFA in fiction from Columbia University. Her stories have appeared in Jack and Jill and SimplyCity magazines. She has taught writing at Columbia University. She lives in downtown Brooklyn where she writes and makes collages.

Jack Fergen

Jack Fergen is originally from Spokane, Washington and now lives in Brooklyn. He is pursuing his MFA at City College and working on a novel. He stacked lead-lines on a 28-foot seiner in Kodiak, Alaska, and loved every minute of it–in retrospect.

Ezekiel N Finkelstein

Ezekiel N Finkelstein was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up swathed in his mother's sweaters on the windswept peninsula of Rockaway Beach, Queens. After receiving a BA from Skidmore College, where he studied philosophy and literature, he returned to New York City to write, pursue the deracination of his ego, pursue the de-deracination of his ego, and drive a taxi-cab. He is currently instructing in the English Department and completing an MFA at City College.

Casey Gordon

Casey Gordon received her BA from the University of North Dakota where she won the Robertson Award for fiction. She has been published in Forum and currently attends City College where she is pursuing her MFA. She lives in Harlem.

Veronica Liu

Veronica Liu, one of the coeditors of [sic], is also an assistant editor for Fiction magazine and co-founder of Fractious Press. She lives in Washington Heights.

Nikkiesha McLeod

Nikkiesha McLeod was born in Trinidad & Tobago. A writer and musician, Nikkiesha began playing the steel at the age of twelve and currently plays the drum-kit for the band Telenovela Star in New York City. In 2000, she co-founded a grassroots feminist magazine OutLaw Sister Riff. A graduate of Howard University, Nikkiesha is the 2002 recipient of the John J. Wright Award for poetry, and a finalist in the Hollin's Poetry Festival and the 2006 co-recipient of the City College English Department's Adria Schwartz Award for women's fiction. Nikkiesha is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at City College, where she is working on her first novel and a book of poems.

Laura Modigliani

Laura Modigliani is a MFA student and adjunct faculty member at City College. Laura's poetry has been published in various online and print magazines, most recently in MiPOesias. A native New Yorker, she lives in Brooklyn.

Buzz Poole

Buzz Poole lives in Astoria, NY. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Washington Square, Kitchen Sink, Paragraph, ISM Quarterly and Spork. He is the author of Playing Cards, a look at the graphic design of playing cards from the 1930s and 1940s.

Rubén Rangel

A farmworker, union organizer, and now a teacher at NPRF in the Bronx, Rubén Rangel won the 2005 Marie Ponsot Poetry Prize at the City College of New York. He received a Master of Arts degree in Language and Literacy from CCNY in 2005. Rubén's poems have appeared in various publications, including: Metamorfosis (University of Washington, Seattle), Bajo la maquinaria (Ce Atl Press, Seattle) Revista Chicano-Riqueña (Indiana), The People's Daily World (New York), La Opinión (Los Angeles) and Chicanos: antología histórica y literaría (Fondo de Cultura Económica, México).

Anna Steegmann

Anna Steegmann earned her MSW in Berlin. She now lives in New York City. She won the Malinche Prize For Literary Translation and has published poetry and academic texts in German. Currently she is working on her memoir and a translation of German author Wilhelm Genazino, to be published this year by Dimension 2.

Jason Tarnowski

Jason Tarnowski received his BA from the New School and is currently enrolled in the City College MFA program. In August, he will take a sabbatical to volunteer in Venezuela. His goal: to find out if the Bolivarian Revolution is really for real. He hopes to keep you updated.

Michael Troncale

Michael Troncale is the managing editor at Fiction Magazine. He has a BA in Theatre Arts from St. Edward's University, and is pursuing his MFA at City College.

Jon Udelson

Jon Udelson attended New York University, graduating in 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Individualized Study. He is currently attending The City College of New York, working on his MFA in Creative Writing. His work has been published in the Gallatin Review. He currently resides on the Long Island.

Kaarin Von Herrlich

Kaarin Von Herrlich is a writer and a student of literature at City College. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and dogs.

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[sic] issue two

Salar Abdoh

Salar Abdoh's novels are The Poet Game and Opium. His essays and short stories have appeared in various publications, including The New York Times and Bomb. He teaches at The City College of New York.

Amy Berkowitz

Amy Berkowitz lives and writes in Brooklyn. Her poems have appeared in Shampoo Poetry, Coconut, and Zygote in my Coffee, and are forthcoming in the Outside Voices Anthology of Younger Poets.

Ilaria Bernardini

Ilaria Bernardini was born in 1977 in Milan. She has directed two theatrical productions—Luneira and Donne come gambi di fiori (Women as Flower Stems)—and a short film, Che cosa vuol dire pensare (What Does Thinking Mean). She writes for Rolling Stone Italy, is an announcer for radio, TV, and commercials and is the writer of MTV Italy's program Very Victoria. Ilaria has published a novel, Non e'niente (It's Nothing) (Baldini Castoldi Dalai, 2005) and a collection of short stories, La fine dell'amore (The End of Love) (Isbn Edizioni, 2006).

Kim Chinquee

Kim Chinquee's work has been published in Noon, Denver Quarterly, Conjunctions, Notre Dame Review, Mississippi Review, the Pushcart Prize anthology, and several other venues. She teaches creative writing at Central Michigan University.

John Cotrona

John Cotrona is a longtime contributor to the zines Cometbus and the now-defunct No Duh. His stories and poems also appear in the collection Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus. John's first collection of short stories, Lost Positives (Fractious Press, 2005), was included in The Village Voice Best of New York 2005, and deemed Broken Pencil's Fiction Book of the Issue.

Linh Dinh

Linh Dinh was born in Saigon, Vietnam, in 1963; came to the US in 1975; and has also lived in Italy and England. He is the author of two collections of stories, Fake House (Seven Stories, 2000) and Blood and Soap (Seven Stories, 2004), and four books of poems, All Around What Empties Out (Tinfish, 2003), American Tatts (Chax, 2005), Borderless Bodies (Factory School, 2006), and Jam Alerts (Chax, 2007). His work has been anthologized in the 2000, 2004, and 2007 editions of Best American Poetry, and in Great American Prose Poems from Poe to the Present, among other places. Linh is also the editor of the anthologies Night, Again: Contemporary Fiction from Vietnam (Seven Stories, 1996) and Three Vietnamese Poets (Tinfish, 2001), and translator of Night, Fish and Charlie Parker, the poetry of Phan Nhien Hao (Tupelo, 2006). Blood and Soap was chosen by The Village Voice as one of the Best Books of 2004. His poems and stories have been translated into Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Arabic, and he has been invited to read his works all over the US, London, Cambridge, and Berlin. He has also published widely in Vietnamese.

Hilde Domin

Hilde Domin (1909 – 2006), described by Hans Georg Gadamer as a "poet of homecoming," won several German literature and culture awards, including the Rilke Award and the Nelly Sachs Prize. She studied with Karl Jaspers and Karl Mannheim before moving to Italy with Edwin Walter Palm the year before the Nazis took power. As the war spread, the couple fled to England, then to the Dominican Republic. It is there that she began writing poetry and, in honor of the country sheltering her, picked up the nom de plume "Domin." They returned to Germany in 1954 where she published her first collection, Only a Rose for Support, in 1957.

Michel Duchampbuffet

Michel Duchampbuffet lives in New York.

Kathy Fish

Kathy Fish's stories are published or forthcoming in Quick Fiction, Spork, RE:AL, Denver Quarterly, and elsewhere. Her collection of short shorts was chosen as a finalist in a contest judged by Ron Carlson and will be published by Rose Metal Press in January 2008.

Rachel B Glaser

Rachel B Glaser went to the Rhode Island School of Design. Her stories have been published in 3rd Bed and Columbia Journal. "Sad Girlfriend" is the title of a Sam Pulitzer photograph. Questions? Comments? Feel free to email her at bassethoundfound@gmail.com.

Garth Risk Hallberg

Garth Risk Hallberg is the author of the novella, A Field Guide to the North American Family (Mark Batty Publisher, 2007). His shorter fiction has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Canteen, Glimmer Train, Evergreen Review, and Best New American Voices 2008, among others.

Junko Hanhero

Junko Hanhero is a Finland-based artist, illustrator, and type designer. View his work at www.junkohanhero.com.

c huffman

Diligently searching for linguistic intersections and a four way go, c huffman's work has appeared in Promethean and The One Three Eight. She co-edited Carlitos Magazine: Start the Change. Currently teaching in the comparative religion program at Hunter College, she will attend Union Theological Seminary this fall.

Craig E Levinsky

Craig E Levinsky was born and raised in New Jersey. He received his BA in English Literature at the University of Colorado. He lives in Brooklyn, as is his obligatioin as a budding Jewish writer, and teaches English at The City College of New York where he is also earning his MFA.

Pamela L Laskin

Pamela L Laskin is director of The Poetry Outreach Center and a lecturer in the English Department at The City College of New York. She is the author of five picture books, two young adult novels, a play, a volume of poetry, and four poetry chapbooks. She recently edited a book of original fairytales, The Heroic Young Woman (Clique Calm Books).

Daria Masullo

Daria Masullo is a freelance writer and translator. She has worked in publishing as well as TV and film production. Most recently she interviewed several contemporary New York writers for the documentary series, Writing/NY, and is currently a consultant on the upcoming feature documentary, Giving It Up, on the LA paparazzi. Daria is now working towards an MFA in Creative Writing at The City College of New York.

Sarah Porter

Sarah Porter's stories, essays, and poems have appeared in Open City, Sonaweb, Teachers and Writers, and The New Review of Literature. Her essay, "The Pen Has Become the Character: How Creative Writing Creates Us," was awarded the 2006 Bechtel Prize from Teachers and Writers Collaborative. She teaches creative writing in the New York public schools. She also VJ's under the name The Housewives' Guide to Anatomy and with the media collectives Fort/Da and Image Node.

Daniel Roy

Originally from St. Louis, Daniel Roy lives with his wife in the Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. He teaches writing at a local middle school.

Christopher D Salyers

Christopher D Salyers is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and print designer. He is the author of CBGB: Decades of Graffiti and the forthcoming Face Food, both released through Mark Batty Publisher.

Kate Simpkins

Kate Simpkins is a musician, teacher, and writer. She has released three CDs, Station (2001), Tilt (2004), and the forthcoming Stars & Sorry (2007), as well as songs on various compilations. Station won the Best of 2001 in Atlanta's Creative Loafing Local Releases. Her poetry has been published in various journals including The Indiana Review, Imago (U of Capetown Press), Slingshot, Sidereality, Anthology: City Poetry In Performance, and others, and has been recognized in various competitions including the National Writer's Union Competition for Poetry (Finalist, 2002) and the Robert Frost Prize in Creative Writing (1993). Her critical theory on poetry and gender identity negotiation, entitled "Sad Love: Poetry Writing and Adolescent Female Identity," is forthcoming as a chapter inclusion in Emerging Literacies (Teacher's College Press). She received a double BA in English/Creative Writing and French from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, an MA in English Education from The City College of New York, and an MA in Humanities & Social Thought from New York University. She was a New York Teaching Fellow from 2002 to 2004. She is currently pursuing a PhD in English and teaches in New York City. www.katesimpkins.com

Diane Williams

Diane Williams's new book, It Was Like My Trying to Have a Tender-Hearted Nature is due out from FC2 in the fall. She is the editor of the literary annual Noon.

David Michael Wolach

David Michael Wolach, 28, grew up in Detroit, Michigan. After spending ten years in New York City, earning degrees in Philosophy and serving as a union organizer, he now lives in Olympia, Washington, where he teaches philosophy and literature at The Evergreen State College. An emerging writer, Wolach's poetry, fiction, and essays have appeared or will appear this year in The Tipton Poetry Journal, Poetry Midwest, Sein Un Werden, remark, Storyglossia, Night Train, Saint Elizabeth Street Review, artisan, Heartlands Magazine, and Sorites: A Journal of Philosophy. The recipient of a Broadside Press Poets Award, The Peralta Press Editor's Prize for Fiction, and a finalist in Glimmer Train's Fiction Open, Wolach also currently serves as managing editor of Wheelhouse Magazine. Aside from publishing new and established writers, Wheelhouse sponsors the Evergreen guest artist series Art after the End of Art, the New York Stories Project, and Suicide Shows: Disposable People, Disposable Art.

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